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Every year we organise gatherings and workshops, mostly connected with the shows , 

which opens our doors to different publics and permit a better access to choreographic art.


The company Alleretour invests widely towards the young public by coming to the schools, middle schools and high schools.


The company has also associated with primary schools and has built a project with several schools in Caen, always concerned with public awareness to live performance and particularly dance, as part of the Education local plan (elp) and made possible by the time and investment of teachers.


Likewise, the company also participates in various projects with hospitals, and with patients of all ages, aiming at immersion in the artistic field.


The company Alleretour participates in many field projects , mainly in Caen and its urban area, but also in other various places where the company is hosted on tour, and adheres to a strong proximity with its public.


Jesús Hidalgo


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