Petals of Time is a show full of energy and images, where the pace of body fits the rhythm of time. The dance that emerges remains visual and engaging and addresses to everyone, from young to old 

In the Forest examines these fears that accompany us from childhood. we travel through the initiation and dream like journey of a little girl, we will explore the attraction we have to fear.

Pétales du Temps

création 2009/10


librement inspiré de Momo de Michael Ende

à partir de 5/6 ans

Les tours des vents

création 2011/12


librement inspiré de Et les petites filles dansent de Jo Hoestlandt

à partir de 5/6 ans

Dans(E) la forêt

création 2014/15

à partir de 5/6 ans

There are always stories that are printed in an almost incomprehensible in our memories and become the treasures we have in the box of our soul.

The little girls dancing of Jo Hoestlandt was one.

Jesús Hidalgo


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