2015 : Shiatsu practitioner, France Shiatsu, FNS, Luynes (Tours).

2014 : Contemporary Dance Teaching Cetificate, CND, Pantin.

1996 : Contemporary Dance National Degree, Ménagerie de Verre, Paris.

1988 : Professional Training Program Martha Graham School, New York.

1985 : Corso di specializzazione Scuola di danza Corea, Bologna, Italy.

1984 : Baccalaureate, Istituto Gabelli, Bologna, Italy.


In 1979, starts learning dance in Bologna (It) where she dances for N. Sacco’s CDC.

In 1985, receives the Contemporary Dance Interpretation Award in the national contest presided over by GT, “Nati per la danza”, Théâtre Romolo Valli.

Receives a grant for the MGS professional program and graduates 3 years later.


In New York, attends MC’s and C’s tuition and PT’s repertory modules.

Dances with the MGE, the PLDC, the CDDC.


Arrives in  France in 1990 and joins the Centre Chorégraphique de Basse Nomandie led by Karine Saporta, where she works for 3 years for several creations and repertory plays.

Meets Jesús Hidalgo and starts working with him in the company alleRetour.


In 1995, at Royaumont Abbey, meets Susan Buirge and attends her choreographic composition and improvisation workshops.

Member of the first Research Group of the CRCC and dancer, until 2002, in Susan Buirge’s company for 2 productions and one repertory play.


Receives her contemporary dance National Diploma n 1996.

Between 1997 and 1999, participates as a dancer and choreographer in 2 theatrical productions of Jean Yves Lazennec’s company Mains d'Ouvres: the Andalusian Shawl and Medea.


As a choreographer, Emanuela Ciavarella has created 5 pieces:

Can you See in the Dark?, Medée, Tutto a posto, Neve and Sarao (with the Orchestra Regional de Basse-Normandie).


For years, she has been teaching as an invited artist in Conservatories and other dance schools in France and Italy, and also works with schoolchildren and students, in hospitals or for twinnings.


In 2013, her vocation for teaching encourages her to take and obtain the Contemporary Dance Teaching Certificate, CND, Pantin.


For two years, has attended a Kenko Shiatsu program with the FNS-FS at Hervé Eugène’s School of Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine (Luynes, Tours).


Today, together with Jesús Hidalgo, she develops the artistic project of the company alleRetour based in Caen. It includes creation, promotion, transmission 

and hosting other companies in its venue, l’Hippocampe.

Emanuela Ciavarella

Theater Hippocampe